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What is the coaching experience like?

It's very interactive! We work back and forth on a log, with daily check-ins. I will give you your runs and workouts about a week in advance, and we will keep communicating and updating as necessary.

Do I need a heart-rate monitor and GPS watch?

Nope! If you have those tools and enjoy using them, we will continue to do so as much as is productive, but they are definitely not necessary. 

How much does it cost?

The fee is $100/month. No advance payments are required and you can stop at any time, no questions asked. The fee includes all communication (emails, texts, calls) and updates; I'll never charge you extra to talk! I use PayPal to manage all payments, and in our initial meeting, we can talk details. 


How do I contact you with questions?

I would love to hear from you! You can use the form below, or email me anytime at

Thanks! Message sent.

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